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31 Waltons Way, Somersworth, NH

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Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers

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Monro in Somersworth, NH provides scheduled maintenance on your vehicle for routine and preventative vehicle care. When you come in, we’ll pull up your car’s maintenance check list for your specific model and inspect the necessary components for your vehicles current mileage. Factory scheduled maintenance provides a good opportunity to make sure your car is performing correctly and help prevent costly future repairs. Plus Monro will save you up to 50% over the dealer!

  • Acura
  • Buick
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GM
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Pontiac
  • Saturn
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Chrysler

About Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers – Somersworth

Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers is your source in Somersworth, NH for complete automotive care for your vehicle. We also carry thousands of name brand tires, ready to be installed.

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Reviewed by 48 customers

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I needed a starter and they did a great job and this was a totally unexpected situation.

Submitted 01/13/19

By Kent Howard

Outstand service and professionalism, called them last minute about replacing four tires, they got me in and out within record time.

Submitted 12/28/18

By Brian Bolden

Love this staff

Submitted 12/23/18


Very professional

Submitted 12/14/18


helpful and friendly group of guys!

Submitted 12/12/18

By dtphilbrick

Good service....

Submitted 11/15/18


The gentlemen working were pleasant to deal with.

Submitted 11/10/18



Submitted 11/08/18


Manager is great! Very personable and friendly, willing to go the extra mile! Employees are very personable as well. Overall, I felt informed and very satisfied with my service. Highly recommended!

Submitted 11/02/18

By Nicole D'Ambroise

Monroe not only fixed my rear brakes for a really good price, I was also given a free sticker for my inspection. Everyone was really friendly and explained everything clearly to me and possible items I will need to purchase soon; definitely coming back. ?

Submitted 10/19/18

By Ashley Myslivy

Job came in under estimate and was done wonderfully. Thanks again!

Submitted 09/29/18


I went to Monro Muffler in Somersworth today to inquire about some tire prices. I had pricing at two other places and they went lower than the prices that I got elsewhere. They also talked me into getting an alignment which I desperately needed and gave me a great price on that as well. Joe gave me a ride home while they worked on my car and then he came and picked me up afterwards. They were so nice and professional there. Joe seems like an awesome manager and he's not bad to look at either....Read More

Submitted 09/28/18

By Kristi O'Rourke

I got an oil change here a few months ago. The place is very clean and a comfortable atmosphere . Some auto places make you feel very uncomfortable. They got me in and out in about 35-40 mins. Talked to Joe about getting new tires. He went out and looked at them and told me that I could get a few more months out of them but I would need them before winter. I went in yesterday just to get pricing on 4 tires. Joe was there still. I told him that I had been pricing tires at a few of his competitors. I told him the quotes that I got. He gave me a price of $30.00 less than my lowest quote. He also mentioned that I should probably get an alignment as well. I knew I needed one so I agreed to it since he gave me such a good price on the tires and I only had a certain amount of money to work with. So he told me that they could take my car in right then and do it. I was a little reluctant because I wasnt prepared. I knew it would take about 2 hours. So kidding around(kind of), I asked if I could take one of their cars home while the work was being done. Not surprisingly, the answer was no but.... Joe offered to give me a ride home and come pick me up when it was ready. So problem solved. The work got done and when I went to pay up, the cost was still less than what I expected. I think I got a deal on the alignment as well. You guys are doing a great job there. Thanks Joe for going above and beyond. Oh ya Joe, you really could have made that yellow light pulling back in yesterday. Lol....Read More

Submitted 09/28/18

By Kristi O'Rourke

Meant to write this a couple weeks ago, I came in needing some 3" exhaust help and Joe was awesome enough to help me out for what I needed. I have been here a couple times and never have been disappointed.

Submitted 09/20/18

By John

I have never been so impressed with the professional and positive attitude and results I get from them! Always honest and to the point willing to go the extra mile for the customers ease. Out of all the mechanics I've been to in the past I finally found one I can trust!!! Thanks monro muffler for all you have done.

Submitted 09/14/18

By Tristan Gobern

Good job, no complaints

Submitted 09/05/18

By A Google User

Fast and friendly...showed up after the local Autozone recommended them to fix an emergency. Joe took care of my truck ASAP. Recommend.

Submitted 09/03/18

By W. B.

Good place nice people. Within just an hour and a half they replaced the broken exhaust pipe under my car. Would recommend!

Submitted 08/22/18

By Jay Nelson

These guys are awesome. If you need things done right go see these guys. I will never go anywhere else.

Submitted 08/15/18

By linda lou

Great service, the guys at monro are thorough and won’t mess around with you. Solid group of guys, won’t go anywhere else

Submitted 08/15/18

By Joey Visconte

Always a have a good experience here, and they do good, quality work without needing to spend an arm and a leg.

Submitted 07/21/18

By Devin Wells

This is a long overdue review. A month back a friend with brake problems came to me looking for advice. Based on her story I figured she needed her brakes bled. After speaking with Joe(acting manager or owner), his bays were full but told us to come back 30 minutes before closing. We did and to be honest he shouldn't have helped us like he did. After telling us he wasn't going to be able to do it, he attempted to get a tech to stay late. Even tried the brakes himself and said it was unsafe for us to be driving with the vehicle(which I agreed 100% with.) He took me into the bay and explained the story to a tech who agreed to try. Bout an hour later and far past closing time, they got two lines working and was able to diagnose what might be the problem. When I asked how much we owed them for the time and service Joe simple said nothing and let us go on our way. I was amazed and despite it all, when it comes to service, I would go back there. All of those guys are amazing. Despite the problem not being fixed all the way, they improved the brakes to get us home safely.....Read More

Submitted 07/19/18

By Blaze BloodLily

I called at 8am and spoke with Joe, knowing I was desperate for a brake job. He was fantastic; personable, polite, professional and said he could not only get my car in for a brake check, but it would also be repaired if necessary after checking front and rear brakes. I was floored as my mechanic takes days to see, days to diagnose the problem and then fix it. It was so easy to go to Monro in Somersworth and Joe made it a great experience. I did not feel ripped off or treated in a condescending way. They did not try to sell me anything I knew I didn't need. I will be back, without hesitation. If you need repair, call Joe and go to Monro. 5 stars to them!....Read More

Submitted 07/18/18

By Roxanne Papp

Great service, very knowledgeble, and helped me very quickly and professionally without losing the personal experience.

Submitted 07/13/18

By Kevin Jennison

They are great friendly and helpful!

Submitted 07/10/18

By Abby K

I have for the most part had great experiences there. The managers I've gone through there are great people. There was only one manager I didn't care for. They can be a little pricy for certain things but hey that's the business. I always recommend them. They keep my business for most things!

Submitted 07/05/18

By Melissa Arnaudin

I had to have my battery and alternator replaced. They did that and changed my oil in a hour. The service was fantastic. Joe and all his people are friendly and helpful. I am definitely going to be going back.

Submitted 06/18/18

By Frank Decker

I own a 68 mustang. Which means I don't let just anyone work on pony but me. The manager assured me that he would have the best guy on it to install my mufflers and weld all my pipes. They went above and beyond my expectations and made sure I happy through each stage. Nick is an artist welder who not only did the placements right, but after his welds he painted the welds! They made sure that their hands were clean when touching the paint and covered my seat and floor. I want to thank all staff at your place of business. Keep up the great work guys!....Read More

Submitted 06/16/18

By Robban A

The new manager, Joe, seems like a great guy. Takes the time to get to know his customers and is very friendly. The service was quick and efficient and good prices. I couldn’t ask for more, and I will definitely be coming back.

Submitted 06/16/18

By coachshea

Fast and positive experience at Monroe!

Submitted 06/15/18

By AlmoD95

Just bought a used (174k) Jeep. Brakes seemed a little "grabby" so I wanted them checked. Stopped in, had all of my questions answered, the price was right, loved the guarantee, and they took care of me right away. I own four vehicles and will have their brakes serviced here.

Submitted 06/15/18

By Mike Eastman

Super friendly, helpful, and good prices. General manager Joe was super helpful and nice. Got an oil change and was done very quickly. Awesome job, will come back!

Submitted 06/13/18

By Lex Marchand

I have been coming here for a bit now the one place I will come to for service love the customer service

Submitted 06/12/18

By Ian Ellis

Always top notch service. Love this place.

Submitted 06/09/18

By paul smallwood

I came into Monro with loud noises from my van, and Joe was able to get me right in ASAP! I needed breaks immediately. They stayed later to accommodate to make sure that I was safe and had breaks. Their breaks are fully warranted and they double check all breaks before sending me and my kids off. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other local garages that were not willing to accommodate my emergency break needs. Thank you Joe and crew for making us safe! A++....Read More

Submitted 06/08/18

By T T

Joe was awesome! He inspected my vehicle and found both my pads and rotors needed to be replaced. It was a last minute appointment but the shop was able to get me right in and take care of my vehicle. Everything was done both professionally and in a timely manner. Highly recommend !!

Submitted 06/04/18

By Ann Metcalf

the new management team and mechanics are great. I was here a year ago and the old team that worked here was terrible. I will not dwell on the past but but this new team was helpful, explained the issues and how to fix them. They also helped my with a different car the same day when I was caught in a bind. If you came here in the past and hated it, try the new team out

Submitted 05/16/18

By ortenzio mastroianni

i got my first oil change today and I choose Monro Muffler Brake & Service because they were the only place open until 7pm. The guys here are dope and deserve some clout. the service was fast and inexpensive. they taught me the importance of getting an oil change every 3,000 miles. gabe also didn’t laugh at me for not getting his joke about my “nice rims” (i have two missing hubcaps). 10/10 would recommend to a friend. zero complaints.....Read More

Submitted 04/19/18

By leann sbrizza

Installed my aftermarket zummer exhaust system from the converter back and ohh brotha they killed it with the installation. Job well done 2 tumbs up????

Submitted 04/14/18

By Matthew Miller

I had attempted to fix my own muffler before realizing I was in over my head. Nick was super helpful and when I finally gave up they gave me a great price to finish the job. Super happy with their work and the speed they did it in! Would recommend friends to come here!

Submitted 04/11/18

By Duncan McGeehan

They’re really going out of their way to try to be nice to the customers. Told me to buy blades for my failed wind shield wipers instead of charging me big mark up like most other shops do , then replaced them for free. The efforts really count.

Submitted 04/10/18

By S L

Very fair pricing, great customer service, and they will only charge you for work that needs to be done.

Submitted 04/09/18

By Matt Simon

i had brake work done and Joe, the manager, called back with an estimate and even suggested I call the dealership to see if any of that work was possibly still covered under warranty. Most places probably wouldn't have said that and wanted to take your service and money. They were very nice and gave me a ride back home and picked me up when my car was ready so I didn't have to sit around for hours waiting. All of them were nice from the manager to the guys that picked me up and dropped me off. I have had work done on other cars there and the service was sub-par but the work has always been honest and upfront.....Read More

Submitted 04/06/18

By Danielle manning

I had my oil done today and tires rotated. Joe Langella and his staff were friendly, polite, and prompt. They quickly took my truck in, performed the service, and I was out quickly. Joe was very friendly and professional. I believe he recently became manager of this store, and I see a significant improvement in the professionalism and the general atmosphere in the store. Thank you Joe.

Submitted 04/06/18

By David Sartorius

Excellent service. Fast and well priced! The joe Randy and nick provided friendly customer service!

Submitted 04/05/18

By Nate Andrews

I cant tell you enough about how much a huge change this location has made. I replaced all 4 tires in December and the Manager on the time and his technicians did a poor job all round. I went in for my "scheduled" appt and they were all taking their lunch break eating at the customer counter as group. No one stopped eating to take in my vehicle etc. Finally after 30 mins it was finally brought in and I left to grab lunch to make time past. I picked up my car and was told it was all set. A few weeks ago I started to hear some weird noises when I turned my steering wheel. Long story short my mechanic told me that my tire rod was so loose that it was about to snap off and Im sure you all could figure out the rest from there. LIVID of course he recommended I reached out to Monroe to find out who serviced my vehicle and have the realign the tires to make sure its center probably from driving with a loose tire rod. I reached out the store and requested to find out who serviced my vehicle. I spoke with the NEW Manager (Joe) who was appalled of the type of service I received. He didnt get into the details of everything but he told me he was very sorry and wanted to make it right. He explained the old manager and his technicians no longer work there and he was the new guy who hand picked his technicians to worked under him. He offered me to come in and do an alignment at their cost, as it was the least he could do for the mishap. For those of you who have also had problems in the past with this particular location ,I can assure you all its not like that anymore. In fact the customer area is even more pleasant to be in and clean. I will definitely be coming back to give my business to Joe and his team.....Read More

Submitted 04/02/18

By Ashley Inglis

This place was awesome! They are under new management and it is reflected in the awesome Customer service!

Submitted 04/01/18

By Rilee McCabe

Awesome place. Needed to get my muffler fixed on my old 2004 pontiac grand prix. Bought it, manager was friendly asked what I was in for, told him i think I had a muffler leak, takes the car in 5 mins later comes out and tells me its an easy fix and it would ONLY COST ME $75. I was blown away by how cheap the service was. Asked how long I had to wait he said only about 30 mins. Walked around Wal-mart got some food and 25 mins later the car was done(They finished it in legit 20 mins)! Car was waiting outside ready to go and car sounded wonderful. Awesome place. Can't wait to go back down to get my breaks replaced on my 2010 Impala.....Read More

Submitted 03/31/18

By Covdova