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Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers

1194 Main Street, Haverhill, MA

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Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers

Automotive Services
  • Tires
  • Oil changes
  • Brakes
  • Wheel alignments
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Shocks
  • Struts & Suspension
  • State Inspections
  • And more...

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Auto Brands We Maintain and Service

Monro in Haverhill, MA provides scheduled maintenance on your vehicle for routine and preventative vehicle care. When you come in, we’ll pull up your car’s maintenance check list for your specific model and inspect the necessary components for your vehicles current mileage. Factory scheduled maintenance provides a good opportunity to make sure your car is performing correctly and help prevent costly future repairs. Plus Monro will save you up to 50% over the dealer!

  • Acura
  • Buick
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GM
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Pontiac
  • Saturn
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Chrysler

About Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers – Haverhill

Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers is your source in Haverhill, MA for complete automotive care for your vehicle. We also carry thousands of name brand tires, ready to be installed.

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I like monro I've been going there for years and they have always treated me well and given me good service.

Submitted 07/27/19

By O T

Really good service. Was broken down on the highway, called AAA n got a spare put on, gotta learn how to change my own tire haha. But they took me with no appointment and put 2 new tires on my car. Car needed a little extra work, but they personally brought me to my car and showed me on the lift. Instead of saying your car needs X,Y,Z they show you the car which is awesome! Great professional service! Would recommend.....Read More

Submitted 07/13/19

By John Stone

Easy to book on line. Never any pressure to purchase anything more..which I really appreciate.

Submitted 07/02/19


Good service, good people

Submitted 06/27/19


Go see Chris! He and the crew took me right in, assessed the situation and fixed my issue. He saved me some money for sure and I certainly appreciate the friendly, honest and quick service.

Submitted 06/23/19

By Jason Bulman

This Monroe always does an excellent job with routine and emergency repairs. I use them for all my car repair needs.

Submitted 06/20/19

By Will Wright

Consistently excellent service at the Haverhill location. Staff extremely helpful, informative.

Submitted 06/20/19

By Carmela Crippen

Great service and decent prices.

Submitted 06/19/19

By Alexia Evans

Got 4 new tires & alignment. Walked in & service was completed in about an hour. Appreciated the friendly & helpful service.

Submitted 06/18/19

By William Vanca

Fast and efficient service

Submitted 05/20/19

By Maryann Lupi

Great team.

Submitted 05/09/19


I thought that I had a brake problem that was going to mean major inconvenience during the coming week not to mention hundreds of dollars. I took my son's suggestion and called Monro in Plaistow and spoke to Chris who told me to bring the car down. Within 3 minutes of my arrival, my car was on a lift and Louie was diagnosing the problem. Instead of a sticking caliper (which is what I thought I had), Louie found a bent dust plate. The problem was fixed and the summer tires were that I had put on two weeks earlier were all filled to proper pressure. I almost fell over when Chris announced "your good" (meaning, 'no charge'). Needless to say, not only will I go back if I need work done that Monro can do, but I will recommend these guys to people I know. I am extremely grateful.....Read More

Submitted 05/05/19

By Jim Whitlock

These guys are great, they went above and beyond to figure out the problem with my truck. Cant say enough good things about them!

Submitted 05/01/19

By Andrea David

Always great!

Submitted 04/29/19


Brought my car in this past weekend for an oil change and what I thought would be back breaks. Turns out needed front breaks, oil change,tire rotation and the back breaks only needed cleaning and adjusting. Manager made sure all discounts that could be applied were so the bill didn't hurt the wallet to much. Thank you everyone, at the shop I appreciate the job well done.

Submitted 04/23/19

By Jeanne Page

I would definitely go back to Monroes

Submitted 04/17/19


Fair price oil change. Good service.

Submitted 04/17/19

By Brian Connelly

Great service advisor Paul and Chris always helpful and delivers consistency. Thanks

Submitted 04/08/19

By Steven Sims

Chris and his team were so helpful. Immediately scheduled me, too my car in and told me what was going on with it contrary to another automotive experts opinion. They fixed the problem for free and consulted me on the rest. Always happy to do business here

Submitted 04/04/19

By max radbill

I always bring my car here and Paul and chris and everyone in general always takes care of me and my car. They care about you and your car and I trust their work everytime. Come here next time you need anything done !

Submitted 04/04/19

By Shelby Gould

I went in there for a $50 oil change and they said I needed $689.00 worth of additional service, like anybody who goes in for a $50 oil change has an extra $700 to just drop whenever, seriously?!

Submitted 03/26/19

By A Malacaso

These guys were great! I had my car towed to them an hour before they closed and they took care of my car for the night on such short notice. They didn't have the tire replacement I needed, but picked one up for me first thing in the morning! My car was fixed up and ready to go by noon! The guys that worked there were really funny, nice and accommodating too! Price was also fairly decent.

Submitted 03/22/19

By Hannah Locke

I was able to take my car when I called on the same day which was very helpful.

Submitted 03/18/19


Heard a rattling under the car last night. Was able to make an appt through the website this morning. Got there at 2:00 and was out of there by 4:00. They Recommended a quick repair and took care of it. Very pleased.

Submitted 03/17/19

By Juan Rodriguez

Very accommodating! Installed my replacement clutch pedal pad for me at no charge while I was getting an oil change.

Submitted 03/14/19

By David Derow

I would come to them again for service.

Submitted 03/06/19


Great customer service

Submitted 03/02/19

By Ya boi yayo

Great customer service

Submitted 03/02/19

By Bryan Meunier

Great staff, Chris Harriman was very helpful in getting my oil changed last minute. I called on Saturday morning at 10:50 to get my oil changed. I was in there for less than 30 min. Professional, quick and friendly business to deal with! Thanks to the tech that changed the oil too.

Submitted 02/27/19

By Laura Tombarelli

Chris was friendly and helpful! I knew exactly what I would be paying and they even found a nail in my tire and patched it up, thanks guys!

Submitted 02/26/19


Thank you for everything. You did great.

Submitted 02/25/19


The manager Chris was very professional! They were extremely Punctual & Courteous, very pleased and will definitely be back!

Submitted 02/23/19

By Chris Gustavson

Chris was extremely professional and delievered exceptional customer service. Great experience at Monro today! The other technician was very kind as well! I would reccomend!

Submitted 02/19/19

By Liz castiglione

Exceptional promt service 🙂

Submitted 02/07/19

By Nathan Lamport

They should have cleaned the grease off

Submitted 02/05/19


Great services!!

Submitted 02/02/19

By Antonio DosReis

great job

Submitted 01/29/19


I have been taking my car there for a long time. They have great prices for your oil change and brakes. It is great to have Chris the manger back. He is always honest, polite, and helpful.

Submitted 01/27/19

By Brian Kelleher

Good service fantastic help and nice people

Submitted 01/24/19

By Honey Sabal

I've been going here for years. The workmanship has always been top notch and prices fair. They've worked with me to take care of new vehicles as well as some "saves" to keep old beaters on the road. Will visit again.

Submitted 01/24/19

By Erik Muench

Always very helpful and get the work done. Excellent customer service. I come here whenever I need work done on my car.

Submitted 01/15/19

By Augusta Murphy

great service and very helpful !!

Submitted 01/10/19

By Diana Wezesa

Chris was really awesome for us last week. My daughters car needed some help and he went above and beyond making sure we got the best deal on what she needed done. Thank you.

Submitted 01/08/19

By Angela DiChaira Stokes

So great to see Chris back!

Submitted 01/07/19

By Andrew T

The employees here are very nice and make sure they give you the best deal they can give you. They are also so nice when I am there making sure I understand exactly what I am being charged and why.

Submitted 01/05/19

By Jennifer Vallinaggi

Chris was very professional. Didn't push any add-ons. Gave a solid estimate of how long it would take. Got me in and out quicklu.

Submitted 01/05/19

By Dave Dunham

Great service! Was in and out of there even though the place was busy.

Submitted 01/05/19

By Valerie Rodgers

I will recommend to everyone the us Monro first

Submitted 01/02/19

By Bev Stoebel

Chris at the front desk was awesome. I was there maybe 20 minutes. This was my first time and I’ll absoluetly be back again.

Submitted 12/31/18

By Matthew Marshall

Good service always. Give them a try

Submitted 12/18/18

By jay lews


Submitted 12/17/18


Great service. Just need to make appt before coming here.

Submitted 12/15/18

By Chau Nguyen

Having this type of work can be frustrating for me as the owner. I would appreciate reassurance that all installed components of the owner supplied off-rad bumper are installed correctly and the WORKSMANSHIP warrantied if the work is not completed correctly. Today's date is Dec 9, 2018. My Landrover is in the Monro shop at this time, and I hope the in-progress work is being completed properly. I made myself available if the crew there at the Haverhill shop has any questions on this work. Thank you....Read More

Submitted 12/09/18

By Frederick Paris

Car was acting up in a bad way. Brought in to have them verify the issue and fix. They had me in and out quickly without being charged. Unfortunately the issue was my transmission which is something they couldn't fix. Appreciate the help and professionalism though!

Submitted 12/09/18

By Marc Fisher Jr.

Quick and efficient service.

Submitted 12/06/18

By Ryan Correia

Quick friendly service me in an out Great mechanics DJ did a great job!!

Submitted 11/03/18

By mtddoyle80

In and out in no time, great service!

Submitted 10/28/18

By Alexander Ford

Great service and quickly repaired my Lincoln town car! Stayed open late so I could continue driving safely to my next job site!

Submitted 10/27/18

By Brandon Stanbery

They were on top of everything and very helpful in relating the issues that was wrong with my Subaru. Very quick and very efficient. Excellent service.

Submitted 10/24/18

By Daniel Branson

Excellent service, I very much felt like a respected customer while I was there.

Submitted 10/08/18

By Emma

I typically dread bringing my car in because it’s expensive and time consuming, but I can say that I’m so glad I stopped at Monro Haverhill for new brakes awhile back. I ended up needing more than just brakes and was overwhelmed at the cost and time. Paul helped me to break down the work into smaller, manageable chunks and was so thorough, kind, patient, and clear in his explanation of my car needs. It’s not often that a retail outlet makes me feel cared for, as a customer, but at the risk of being corny, it’s how I feel at Monro! That was probably a year ago and Monro Haverhill has been my go-to for my car needs ever since.....Read More

Submitted 09/29/18

By Rebecca Shuman

Awesome service and fast service

Submitted 09/24/18

By Valerie Buckley


Submitted 09/06/18


Wonderful service/Decent Price.

Submitted 08/31/18

By A Janie Kennedy Evans

5 out of 5 Stars to the Haverhill Monro crew ... Especially to Manager Paul. My car was sounding awful and we're getting ready to move. Brought it in 1 hour before closing and we left with new front brakes. Thankful that the breaks didn't go out on our drive. Great service, decent prices, and really nice service people.

Submitted 08/31/18

By A Janie Kennedy Evans

Went there today for an oil change. Excellent service from DJ and the rest of the crew. Went over my explorer and gave me a list if everything that needs my attention. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great service. Thank you guy's!!!

Submitted 08/25/18

By Rich Ringer

Very professional , and courteous

Submitted 08/08/18

By Melissa Doucette

Went there yesterday for an oil change, they checked out everything in my car for me and were very informative! They warned me that my breaks are fine now, but I may need new ones by my next oil change and the associate even broke down the cost of that for me without me asking so I would know how much to be prepared to spend when the time came! I wish I got the helpful associate's name because it was honestly some of the best customer service I have seen!....Read More

Submitted 08/03/18

By Krystina Iandolo

While driving through Massachusetts heading to vacation my car started acting up and we stopped by Monro Muffler. Paul and Jake took great care of us, fixed the problem quickly and efficiently, and put us back on the road in short order. Thanks guys, you saved our vacation.

Submitted 08/03/18

By Jody Livingston

After pulling out of an exit and hearing the loudest screeching sound coming from my car, I pulled over to the nearest mechanic which happened to be Monro’s. At this point I’m already upset cause I’m most likely going to have to spend big bucks on who knows what. I go inside and explain my situation to Paul, he politely tells me that they’ll look at it in a few minutes and invites me to wait outside on the picnic table with my family. After some time has passed he invites me inside, explains the situation with my vehicle, which was merely a rock getting stuck in between the breaks, and hands me the keys. That was that, no big charge, an easy to understand explanation, and a have a good day. The service the the mechanics Paul and Dennis provided was great, I honestly felt more like a guest than a customer. Next time I go to Monro’s won’t be because I have to, it’ll be because of the excellent service provided by Paul and Dennis. Thanks again guys!....Read More

Submitted 07/29/18

By Mercado V

More timely getting car in at time of appointment

Submitted 06/10/18

By Paul Bryant

I have been coming here for years. They are excellent, very friendly, and always take care of me.

Submitted 06/06/18

By Ariana Bell

This location had great service and everything was done with good timing.

Submitted 05/29/18

By Mark Perla

Had a great experience with this location. The guys were friendly and professional and extremely knowledgeable. They found and issue on my truck and ixed it quickly and properly. They are my new permanent mechanics.

Submitted 05/26/18

By Chris Antolick

Can’t thank these guys enough! Low tire light had been on in morning. Put air in and by afternoon the light was back on. Being a nanny I need my car to transport kids. When I called I told them the problem and That I had to drive children into Boston in the morning and couldn’t wait for it to be fixed. Even though they were busy they took my car right in. They found a screw in the tire and patched it for me. They close at 7 and i hadn’t made it there until after 6. Other people wouldn’t take care of it tonight for me but they made sure i would be safe while driving children around. I have been here before and they have Always been honest and fair.....Read More

Submitted 05/23/18

By Tammy White

Fair prices and friendly and informative staff

Submitted 05/16/18

By shaun ellis

Great service, thank you

Submitted 05/10/18

By Neil Pacy

Fast friendly service!

Submitted 04/23/18

By David Libby

Very helpful, wonderful service!

Submitted 04/22/18

By Paige Ouellette

Went to this location over 5 years give or take, always got the best deals very helpful. Got to know the employees very well throughout my visits. I was even at the point I traveled to the Haverhill location even after I moved to Londonderry. However they always had a high employee turnover rate I've seen a few techs and managers come and go. The last time I went I didn't know a single person there and I just felt like another customer instead of a loyal customer. On top of that they switched banks but never transferred the debt nor did they contact me. So the Monroe store card that I can only use at Monroe is no longer accepted and I was told I needed to reapply for a new card making a new account in addition to the one I already had. Needless to say I no longer go here, I found a place closer to home. But if you're just looking for an oil change as long as they're not too busy you should be good to go.....Read More

Submitted 04/22/18

By repzard99

The team over at this Monro is excellent. This was my first time at a Monro and was pleasantly surprised by the level of service. I needed a brake job and they took the time to show me my worn out pads and rotors before talking about the repairs needed. They had also explained to me that my rear drums were in great shape and didn't need any special attention. The price was reasonable and came under my 2 quotes from other garages in the area. I would highly recommend getting your vehicle checked out by the team at Monro.....Read More

Submitted 04/11/18

By Shawn Christman

Great service. Right in for an oil change, and he did not try to sell me a million different things. Just that, an oil change.

Submitted 04/09/18

By Melinda Jackson

prompt and top notch service

Submitted 04/01/18

By Tim Busa